Friday, 31 May 2013

Oh My Honey Internship

Tucked away in the Sussex countryside, the impressive old house is the perfect location for Louise O’Mahony’s studio. Its stuffed full of 1950’s style dresses as well as bridal dresses from her ‘Oh My Honey’ line. Everywhere you look there are satins, tulles and kitsch prints in among the quaint one-of-a-kind pieces such as the retro baby pink chest of drawers. Oh My Honey provides mail order and custom made pieces for any occasion, whereas the Louise O’Mahony line creates more avante garde pieces with a theatrical twist.

Louise is creating a stunning collection for Brighton Fashion Week in June and I started interning in her studio this week, working on the collection and the Oh My Honey range.  It’s a novelty to be back working on the design realization process after spending the last term of Uni mainly working on my laptop.

It’s also interesting to pick Louise’s brain about how she got to where she is today and the day to day running of her business. As well as picking up little handy tips that come from experience. Its also refreshing to see Louise still uses and makes all her own paper patterns.

After the two days I worked this week, I can’t wait to go back next week. Although I’m fairly sure I spent the majority of yesterday just trying to thread the miniscule beading needles!! As well as lots of beading, I also worked on some pattern cutting, fusing and hand sewing.

Here’s a sneak peak at some of the pieces I’ve been working on this week. I can’t wait to see the final outcomes and its so exciting to watch them coming together in Louise’s studio. I’ll keep posting about my progress and watch this space for the full collection in a few weeks.  For more info about Louise and Brighton Fashion Week, check out my Links page.

As I write this I’m on my way back to Birmingham to collect all my stuff from halls, however I have no idea where it’ll fit back at home. Oh well, I’m allowed to have loads of stuff, I’m a fashion student right?

Love Sophie Agnes

Monday, 27 May 2013



This is just a quick post to share with you some freebies I've managed to get my hands on recently...

As you'll soon discover I'm a bit of a health nut when it comes to food so when my friend sent me a code to get a free breakfast Grazebox, I was a little bit too excited.

 I'm already a massive fan of Grazeboxes and these are such a good idea! They were so easy to make, unlike normal porridge, just two mins in the microwave and they were ready. Plus they come in tasty flavours and have honey included, so an all-round tasty and healthy breakfast. The Apple and Cinnamon was definitley my favourite.

 Another freebie, I managed to bag this week was a haircut. Normally I'm so bad with getting my hair cut and don't get it trimmed as often as I should mostly because of the cost. Then a friend recommended  Bad Apple Hair in Birmingham.

Please excuse the picture, I was trying to be subtle!
 On Tuesday afternoons they have student hairdressers in and models get their haircut free of charge. It takes a little longer than a normal hair cut, just over two hours, but I was prepared to be there a while and they made sure I had plenty of refreshments. 

 Overall I was so pleased with the cut, thanks Bad Apple! Also I had that salon feeling afterwards thanks to the Tigi products used. It was a great way to save some pennies and get rid of my dead ends before summer.

Thats all for now,

Love Sophie Agnes

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Hey There!

Welcome to my new Fashion, Design and Lifestyle blog. I'm Sophie and I've just finished my first year studying Fashion Design so I've set up this blog to share what I've been doing to keep myself busy, expect plenty of fashion, baking, DIY and doodling.

My current favourite shoes, From Office.

My first year at Uni has flown by yet I've gained so much from it. One of the highlights of the past year was travelling to Paris for Premier Vision!

Also exploring and discovering some of my favourite parts of Birmingham including my new favourite restaurant, Bodegas.  I've never had nachos like it and none will ever compare to the Bodega Nachos.

My first project at Uni was to design a top and skirt from inital  concept to final collection, then for our next project I had to create a conceptual garment through draping on the stand. However my favourite was the third project to design and make a shirt aimed at a brand.
First project Photo shoot- See my Online portfolio for full project

Heres a sneak peak from my portfolio but to see my work from the beginning check out my online portfolio  at

In the most recent project my mild obsession with 'to do' lists became rather obsessive to keep on top of the amount of work I had on, so much so that I'm feeling lost without them. To help my craving for lists here's a snippet of what I am to achieve this summer and what you can expect from Sophie's Design Bee.

- Start and maintain a blog,
- Make some decorations for my new room (Moving into a new house in September!)
- Buy a new diary and notebooks for my lists,
- Teach myself new skills on Illustrator and Indesign,
- Try out new recipes (This won't be hard, I love cooking)
- Visit a country I've never been to before,
- Make more personalised presents for people.

That's it for my first post but theres much more to come shortly,

Love Sophie Agnes